” The DVD also emphasizes proper stylist etiquette and manners in providing market-leading multicultural, multi-racial customer service.As Nadine looks forward to the seemingly endless possibilities for Nadine’s World in 2013 and beyond, including a web-based and multimedia marketing push to share all that she has learned in her journey, she takes nothing for granted. She continually looks to learn from her clients and her industry peers, with an eager eye toward trends and new developments both locally and globally.

“I am still a work in progress,” Nadine says with a sincere humility. “Once you stop learning, adapting and evolving in this industry, just as in life, the world leaves you behind. And I have no intention of that.”
— Nadine “Hair Doc” Branch

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About Nadine Branch

“There were no written rules or policies codifying the color lines of hair care,” Nadine remembers. “But it was generally accepted practice that ethnic hair was done by ethnic professionals and the parallel for Anglos.” But how could that stand when doctors and dentists practiced their craft with no preference to racial differences, as a matter of ethics and oath? Nadine understood that clients patronize hair professionals with whom they feel most comfortable. “But comfort can and should be colorless,” declared the upstart Branch. An industry shaker had taken root.Nadine would go on to helm other salon ventures over the next two decades, each endeavor reflecting her personal elegance, her innate ability to make all people feel at ease, a commitment to diversity in hair care, and a genuine determination to enhance her clients’ lives through stellar customer service. 

Nadine is a humanist by nature, as her clients will readily attest. But even the humanist with the best of intentions must be able to deliver the goods of her craft. And Nadine set out to do just that.Engaging in continual renewal as it relates to the cosmetic side of hair care, Nadine felt it critical to master the technical aspect of her craft—understanding the biology of hair, hair roots, growth, vulnerability to chemicals, and the art of using Marcel Thermal Tools (heat rods/curling irons).  “As convenient as curling irons are for consumers, the fact is hair is vulnerable to improperly applied heat,” explains Nadine. 
“And it’s common knowledge that chemicals can do irreparable damage if applied incorrectly or misunderstood.”This concern with the technical science of hair and her mastery of it has earned Nadine the moniker “Hair Doc.” More than a culmination of three decades of hands-on service delivery, the Hair Doc designation signifies Nadine’s industry evolution from hair stylist to hair educator. This invaluable acquired knowledge has now been packaged in Branch’s new DVD: Marcel Thermal Misconception, Rewriting the Script: Why We Need Change. The instructional video seeks to educate both clients and hair-care professionals on the proper application of Marcel Thermal Tools in the course of hair styling and care for people of all cultures.“Cut, color, and texture are where I place my emphasis,” says the Hair Doc, “as should all hair care professionals who are serious about their craft.
While the objective of any business is profit making, today’s service provider must look beyond the profit motive for sustainability and growth. The human motive plays an equally vital role in a successful business. Few, if any, entrepreneurs embody the capacity for both more than Nadine Branch, the “Hair Doc,” as she is known in the hair-care industry, and multicultural hair-care specialist.

A graduate of Marinello School of Beauty in Southern California, Nadine’s professional hair-care journey began in 1980 as owner of Nadine’s Beauty World salon and part-time stylist for CBS Television Studio, Hollywood. This eight-year tenure provided fertile ground for Nadine to hone not only her hair styling skills, but the people skills that would prove crucial to industry longevity. This early period would also open her eyes to the societal fault lines that mirrored the larger community.